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Pastoral Care/Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care is central to education at our school and is enacted through relationships, mutual recognition of others and experienced through being cared for, respected and valued.

Click on the link to view the diocesan Pastoral Care Framework

School Counsellor

St Patrick’s students and families are able to access the services of our School Counsellor to support the social, emotional and academic development of the students. Our Student Counsellor is professionally qualified and can provide counselling to students individually and in groups. Some of the reasons for students seeing a counsellor could include worrying about school work, relationships, setting goals, managing time, or feeling ‘down’ or ‘stressed’. Students and their families can request an appointment with the student counsellor by discussing your concerns with your child’s class teacher, the Principal or Assistant Principal. A Referral for Student Counselling Form must be completed and both parents of the student must give written consent on this form before counselling can be considered. The details you provide on this form are confidential.

Wellbeing Corner

 The Wellbeing Corner is a special little place in the school. We celebrate our uniqueness and work on ways to make every day a better one.

Students come and visit for all sorts of reasons and together we talk, play, make art or relieve our stress through glitter jars!

We run groups such as Cool Kids for anxiety, as well as Seasons for Growth for loss and grief which have been running at the school for the past 16 years. We also work on regulating big emotions while learning to self regulate, as well as uplifting self esteem and confidence through strengths-based interventions.

The main focus of the Wellbeing Corner is to create a safe place to share their stories and let them know that every story matters.


Seasons For Growth 

Seasons for Growth is a change, loss and grief education program that draws on the metaphor of the seasons to understand the experience of grief. It builds the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen social and emotional wellbeing following significant change or loss by:


  • Exploring the impact of change and loss
  • Learning about effective ways to respond and adapt

Participants learn that they are not alone in their experience of change, loss and grief, and are able to build their communication, decision making and problem-solving skills within the context of a safe and supportive peer group learning environment.

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